Sun Seeker for Android!

After a long development period I’m delighted to announce that Sun Seeker is now finally available for Android devices!

Click on this logo to see it in the Android Marketplace.

Available in Android Market

Is is real or is it Memorex? (You have to be of a certain age to remember that advertising slogan!)

Yes – it looks just like the iPhone version in most ways, and includes all the same features as the latest iPhone version.

I’m especially interested to see how sales go, and find out just how different the app sales may be between the two devices. Of course Sun Seeker on iPhone is well established, and it may take a while for the Android version to find its momentum. We’ll see!


Author: Ajnaware Pty Ltd

Software for Awareness

6 thoughts on “Sun Seeker for Android!”

      1. The app’s calculations of the sun’s azimuth and altitude are very precise. The weakest link in the chain is the device compass, and its precision can vary a lot depending on ambient magnetic interference, and its calibration in general. if you search for “android compass calibration” or similar, you’ll find some tipes on how to best calibrate the compass.

    1. Yes – I removed it while I was looking for a new developer. There were some device-specific glitches that were leading to poor experience for some users, and it simply wasn’t up to par with the iOS version. The good news is that I found a GREAT developer and recently re-released it. Its a free upgrade for existing owners. And it’s now every bit as polished as the iPhone app! Thanks for your patience.

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