Climate Eye

Climate Eye, our third iPhone app was approved and is now available in the iTunes appstore.

It provides daily climate averages and weather forecast information for more than 1300 major cities & locations throughout the world. All data is supplied by official government sources of each respective country.

Main ScreenA special feature which differentiates it from other weather applications is that it shows how unusually hot or unusually cold each city is (ie. how far their temperatures deviate from the climate average for the given day). Thus you can see at a glance which cities are enjoying (or suffering from) unusual weather conditions.

Weather Screen Climate Screen

The app design, which I’m sure will impress many, is by Peter Fellows of Pollenizer – the same designer who was responsible for Oz Weather‘s fabulous look. Although he apparently didn’t set out with this intention, the design has turned out to be classic steampunk (what we might have seen if the information age had overlapped with the steam age), complete with mechanical sounds and animations as the app opens with the blink of a mechanical eye, and different views roll into place.

Opening Animation

Want to know more about steampunk? You know you do! Here’s a great Youtube video on the topic.


Author: Ajnaware Pty Ltd

Software for Awareness

2 thoughts on “Climate Eye”

    1. Sorry – this app was withdrawn from app store many years ago. Never-the-less I kept servers running for many years for sake of those who already owned the app, but if you install Apple’s iOS11 update then your device is no longer capable of running this old app.

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