Oz Weather a Hit in Pakistan?!

For your enjoyment, here is a recent Twitter thread I participated in.

Tim Haines tweets are in this color. My tweets are in this color. 

  • @gpdawson Did you know that Oz Weather was in the top paid list for Pakistan 3 days ago? At number 77 no less. Did their cricket team visit?
  • @timhaines What a gem! I’ll have to add that into my promo. No Pakistan cricket team here. But I’m guessing not many sales for #77 in P. 
  • @gpdawson It was 3 days ago, do you have sales stats for then? I’d be interested in how many sales were needed? Maybe 2? 🙂
  • @timhaines In past two weekly reports there was 1 (one) sale in Pakistan. And 0 (zero) in latest daily reports. LOL!!!
  • @gpdawson Ha. Apparently by having 1 sales, you can get to number 77 on Pakistan’s top paid list. Woot! @gpdawson did it with Oz Weather

So yes, apparently just one sale makes it to #77 in the Pakistan iTunes store. 

In fact it seems similar is true of a number of national iTunes stores. @veiledgames reported that just one sale in Israel puts them in the top 50 there. And @majicDave reported that four sales was enough to get to #1 in Lebanon.

Let’s just say there is obviously a lot of potential for growth in these places. 🙂  Maybe the much anticipated (but as yet purely speculative) Nano iPhone or iPod Touch will help things along.


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2 thoughts on “Oz Weather a Hit in Pakistan?!”

    1. Hi Thomas. Good point, clever clogs! I hadn’t realised that myself. On that basis, it might be just a few select Apple staff or ISP insiders who would be able to use the app store at this point.

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